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We are excited to announce a new membership model at CreaTV! We want to simplify our membership, make it easier for our members to create with us, and provide more benefits to our community.  

The new membership model includes free classes and equipment rentals in the membership price!  

Membership benefits: 

- Submit your content for broadcast on CreaTV channels 

- Pay What You Can equipment rentals

- Pay What You Can classes

- One free 30-minute mentorship meeting with our community team per month (subject to staff availability)

Reduced rates for studio production services (subject to staff availability)

Pay What You Can

Membership services at CreaTV are provided using a Pay What You Can pricing model. Pay What You Can (PWYC) is a pricing strategy that aims to address the inequitable access to resources. Our PWYC services are offered at a tiered sliding scale and people can choose the level of payment that they are able to pay. Every person’s financial situation is unique and we trust you to know your financial situation best and to make the choice that works best for you. We offer income suggestions as well to help guide your decision. 

View the membership pricing here.


To become a member, please email community@creatvsj.org or call 408-200-2481