• Chad Johnston

    Chief Executive Officer

    Chad has been working at the intersection of media and social justice since the late 90’s. He has led nonprofit Community Media Centers since 2004 in North Carolina and Minnesota, and in late 2016 moved to San Jose to take the CEO position at CreaTV. He has a passion for managing and shifting organizational cultures, and believes in challenging traditional nonprofit models. He has a double BA from Antioch College in Theater and Media Arts and a passion for community organizing. As a board member of the Alliance for Community Media and member of the Media Action Grassroots Network, he has advocated for policies in support of community media and media justice. An occasional 35mm photographer and lover of all things in the kitchen, he feels at home when surrounded by plants and radical left political art.

  • Breanna Gilbert

    Chief Operating Officer

    Breanna Gilbert has extensive nonprofit experience, having served in leadership roles at organizations including Planned Parenthood and KQED. Prior to joining CreaTV as Interim Chief Operating Officer, she was a founding Board Member and served as both Vice Chair and Chair of the Board of Directors during her tenure. She is a former co-host and interviewer for Outlook Video, an award-winning LGBTQ+ television show recorded at CreaTV, and has a BA from UC Berkeley in English and Mass Communications. In her spare time, she loves to garden, spend time with family, and pursue her artistic interests including painting and photography.

  • Justin Cowgill

    Chief Technology Officer

    Justin loves working in television and enjoys sharing his passion of TV with others. Prior to his tenure at Petaluma Community Access as Production Director, he served as Newscast Director / Chief Photographer at TV50. Justin started his life in media while in high school as a sound technician at his hometown church. He decided to get a degree in radio and audio recording; but that all changed when he took a video production class. At the beginning of the next semester, he dropped all his audio classes and dove into video. He loves technology and equipment and loves to talk to people about it.

  • Juliann Lallemand

    Controller & HR Director

    Juliann is a dynamic individual whose diverse background and passions have shaped her into an exceptional contributor to both her professional endeavors and her local community. A native Long Islander, she found her way to the vibrant Bay Area in 2015, bringing with her a wealth of experiences and a fervent desire to make a positive impact.

    Throughout her career, Juliann has traversed multiple sectors, including non-profit organizations, the hospitality industry, and the fast-paced world of tech startups. Her experience in each realm has not only honed her professional acumen but also deepened her commitment to giving back to the community. Juliann has a genuine passion for philanthropy and dedicates her time and resources to various causes, leaving an indelible mark wherever she goes.

    Beyond her professional life, Juliann is an avid enthusiast of Magic: The Gathering (MTG), where she skillfully navigates the intricacies of strategy and tactics. Juliann's wanderlust has taken her to various corners of the world, and she relishes the enriching experiences that travel offers. This love for exploring different cultures and perspectives has not only broadened her horizons but also fostered her adaptability and open-mindedness.

  • Bobby Chastain

    Technology Manager

    Bobby Chastain has worked in community media for over 20 years, spending the last eight as Executive Director at KMVT (Mountain View, Los Altos, Cupertino, Sunnyvale), plus the last year and a half with double duty as ED of MidPen Media Center (Palo Alto).  Prior to that Bobby came up through productions and operations and has served just about every role imaginable: from playback and government meeting coverage, to developing and teaching workshops and camps, event coordination, and directing and producing both community and pro-service videos.

    Besides his love for community media, his interests include travel, music, baseball, bourbon, and especially his two small children who currently dictate where he goes, what he listens to, what he watches on TV (Bluey, Thomas, Trolls) and what he (doesn’t) drink.

  • Abby Walsh, Ph.D

    Education & Community Manager

    Abby is a lifelong learner with degrees in the humanities and social sciences. She recently finished her doctorate at UC Santa Cruz where she focused on the impact and importance of media representation and diverse storytelling on children’s lives.

    As a child of the 90s, she has fond memories of powerful female figures and Saturday morning cartoons. She has been funneling those interests into teaching and research ever since. Abby has a passion for media and pop culture, demonstrated by her vast collection of comics and figurines, and regular attendance at comic con. When not using her powers for the forces of good, Abby can be found hiking with her dog, doing yoga, or baking scrumptious treats for friends and family.

  • Zac Zachau

    Community Media Coordinator

    Zac is a indie filmmaker and horticulturist from the Santa Cruz mountains, with a special interest in film education and a BA in film production from UCSC. He started his career in film working and learning on commercial film sets and very quickly decided that there should be a better, more inclusive way to teach and produce content. Through several in-house short films, he has experimented with new ways of teaching and producing film with untrained crew and actors.

    As an awestruck kid of early 2000’s adventure films and television, Zac grew up very in tune with the idea of making fantastical things happen on the screen, even with little budget. When he’s not re-watching the Pirates of the Caribbean films, his other interests include reading horror comics, playing indie games, working on Kodak restorations, gardening, watching any cute animal videos, and listening to ska.

  • Elaine Aclan

    Community Media Coordinator

    Meet Elaine Aclan (she/they), also known as E, your dedicated Community Media Coordinator at CreaTV San José!

    E discovered her passion for media and community coordination through hands-on experiences. Starting with the DocuMentorMe program at CreaTV, she then transitioned into a role at EMLN, where her journey from intern to full-time employee allowed her to use her skills and make a tangible impact.

    While her formal education includes studies in Film and Photography at Foothill-De Anza College, E's expertise can be seen through her roles. As a Media Lead, she refined her craft behind the camera, shooting and editing podcasts. Progressing to Project Lead, E assisted in curating community night markets and even launched two successful art markets through her own event management company. Beyond her professional pursuits, E often goes on hikes and captures the beauty of community events through her lens. She also channels her energy into curating clothing donation drives.

    When she's not immersed in work or community initiatives, you can find E watching her favorite TV shows, The Office, Supernatural, Psych, and a few more, or embarking on an annual tradition: celebrating her birthday with a marathon of the timeless Back to the Future trilogy. With an unwavering commitment to both her craft and her community, E brings creativity and dedication to every project she undertakes.

  • Sakshi Pathania

    Marketing & Communications Manager

    Sakshi is a marketing and communications professional with a background in Journalism. She started her career in the television broadcast industry and worked as a producer for an English news channel. During that time, she extensively produced breaking news stories, entertainment stories, and talk shows. Prior to joining CreaTV, Sakshi had worked in the communications team of many nonprofits in the sectors of education, healthcare, human rights, and environment. She is passionate about nonprofit marketing and communications and enjoys sharing the voices, stories, and experiences of the community through her work. In her spare time, she likes to jog and loves spending time with her family.

  • Tom Cohen

    Creative Services Manager

    Tom is a multiple Emmy Award-winning Showrunner, Executive Producer, Series Developer, Writer, Producer and Director. He was the EP and Showrunner of the long-running series Cash Cab on Discovery Channel; he was nominated for 6 and won 3 Daytime Emmy Awards for his work on the series. After Cash Cab he went on to create and serve as Executive Producer of three seasons of the documentary series Bandit Patrol for Nat Geo Wild. In addition to his TV projects, Tom has produced and directed dozens of short films for non-profits, foundations, organizations, and brands over the past 10 years, including a wide range of animal welfare organizations, healthcare clients, advocacy groups, start-ups, tech companies, and more. Tom is a huge hockey fan, a published author, an amateur wildlife photographer, and he lives in Pacific Grove, CA with his wife, dog, cat, and son Quinn. 

  • Francisco Alvarez

    Media Production Specialist

    Francisco Allan Alvarez is a Chicano filmmaker from the South Bay Area. He's loved telling stories since his Tia showed him Lord of the Rings when he was 6 years old. They’re also still his favorite movies. He studied filmmaking at SJSU, where he joined and eventually led Film Production Society, a club where students would write, pitch, and produce short films. In his senior year he began freelancing and had been freelancing in the Bay ever since, but recently transitioned to focus on a more community-oriented filmmaking front, notably working with Audacity Performing Arts Project and the Latino Film Institute's Youth Cinema Project. On a personal front, he wrote and directed a short film titled Luz de la Luna with the help of local Latino filmmakers in the Bay. Additionally, he is now creating personal and commercial content through his small production company Alienboy Productions. He's ecstatic to join the team at CreaTV as their new Media Production Coordinator and Producer!

  • Jorge Gomez

    Media Production Coordinator

    Jorge recently graduated from San Francisco State with a B.A. in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts. During his time at school, he took a variety of classes ranging from Documentary Production to TV Studio Production and Sound Design. In his free time, he likes to jam on his guitar, listen to his small collection of vinyl records, and attend live music events. 

  • Kaitlan Zizzo

    Programming & Crew Manager

    Kaitlan developed her passion for broadcasting in high school when she became a member of the Radio and Television staff. Wanting to continue in the industry after graduation, she moved to Northern Kentucky and attended The Ohio Center for Broadcasting where she graduated at the top of her class. While interning at a cable access station, TBNK, she went from running camera to directing a weekly live show. Before graduating, she was asked to join the TBNK family and worked there for three years. Wanting to move to a bigger market, she decided to give Silicon Valley her best shot. She is now the Programming & Crew Manager here at CreaTV.

  • Enrique Oliver

    Facility and Events Coordinator

    Enrique Oliver, a San José local with a passion for making things happen! He has 15 years of experience in operations management, corporate security, non-profit administration, and program coordination under his belt, and a proven track record of driving results. But when he's not busy rocking the corporate world, Enrique can be found traveling the globe, playing either flute, clarinet or bassoon in an orchestra or singing baritone for a choir. He's even completed the Multicultural Arts Leaders Incubator (MALI) program, because why not add to the list of his accomplishments! He's passionate about delivering the highest levels of service and customer satisfaction, and is ready to bring his unique set of skills to CreaTV San José and make a real impact.

  • Shawna Khorasani

    Client Services Specialist

    Shawna is an award-winning independent filmmaker in the Bay Area who enjoys burritos, TV shows, and positive LGBTQ+ media representation (in no particular order). She graduated with two English Literature degrees and soon after fell in love with the film world. Shawna has volunteered as the Website Editor for Lesflicks, a global film database company for the LBTQ+ community, as well as written/directed an award-winning short film called LoverGirl. Her most recent short film, Popping the Question, is now on streaming platforms. She is passionate about diversity and inclusive representation in her work, and enjoys connecting with other creatives in the local community.

  • Jennifer Sitter

    Media Production Specialist

    Jennifer received a BA in communications from Santa Clara University, specializing in video production. She has worked on all aspects of a variety of productions, including directing live MMA and boxing shows, San Francisco 49er games, and San Jose Sharks video board graphics. 

    Photography is her passion. She loves to capture people honestly and beautifully. Making people feel comfortable in front of the camera is one of her many skills. Over the last 10 years, Jennifer has turned her production company towards portrait photography, where she learned how to master lighting. She loves to teach and share the knowledge she's gained over the many years and productions she's worked on. Jennifer has an 8 year old son who is her world and keeps her on her toes. She learns new things every day!

  • Holly Garcia

    Production Crew

    Holly graduated San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio-Television-Film. She found her love for film in a 9th grade media class and landed her first production job just after high school. She has been creating ever since and loves all art. When she’s not busy creating content for brands and her own social media channels, she dances with Spartan Spectrum at SJSU games and events. She’s a huge Friends fan (a self-proclaimed Chandler Bing) and loves her cat, Meister, more than anything. She takes him on walks to the park every evening, and every morning she drinks her coffee out of a mug that says “I work hard so my cat can have a better life”. 🐾

  • Francisco del Rosario

    Production Crew

    With over 20 years in the television broadcast industry, Francisco has enjoyed the various events he has covered. His humble beginnings started at KICU in 1997 as a camera operator for the in-studio productions for the station. In 1999, Francisco started a new venture as a news photographer in San Luis Obispo. After attending an Oakland Raiders game, he decided to focus on sports production. In 2002, he started working with CBS and Fox Sports productions as a utility for NFL broadcasts in San Francisco and Oakland. His experiences have led to working Super Bowl 50, Golden State Warriors, San Jose Sharks Stanley Cup Finals, Pebble Beach golf tournaments, Oakland Athletics games, and interviewing President Bill Clinton. His favorite time of work was in October 2010. Francisco worked the entire run of the San Francisco Giants playoffs leading to the World Series title.

    When away from the camera, Francisco loves exploring foreign lands, cooking, and collecting vinyl records.

  • Richard Daniels

    Meeting Crew

    Richard started his Public Access television career working with the City of Pinole. During that time, he was also going to Diablo Valley College to receive his AA in Music Industry Studies. After a brief stint with AVT and the Santa Clara County of Education, Richard was employed with CreaTV as well as The Town Of Windsor as an AV Technician. In his spare time, he works as a Music Producer and books live shows with an organization called Today's Future Sound, based out of Oakland, California. 

  • Rigel Brooks

    Meeting Crew

  • Russell Cordell

    Meeting Crew

  • Gary Dugas

    Meeting Crew

    Gary entered the world of television production in the early '90s. Starting as a production assistant at KCRA in Sacramento, he immersed himself in camera work, audio management, and switching for newscasts. His dedication paid off, leading him to become a technical director at both KCRA and KPIX in San Francisco. Now at CreaTV, Gary continues to embrace new challenges and contribute to the ever-evolving field of television production.