• Make a Show


San José residents, businesses, organizations and schools can use our resources to produce non-commercial videos for cablecast on San José’s public and education channels and CreaTV San José’s web channels. Airtime is free. Just follow these steps:

1. Attend free Orientation class. 
2. Become a Member
3. Email Community@creatvsj.org to schedule time to discuss your ideas and needs.
4. Fill out and email a copy of your Project Proposal to Community for approval.
5. Take classes that correspond to the equipment you would like to use to produce your video. If you already have experience in these areas, you may request to “test out” of the class.
6. Once your Project Proposal is approved, and you’ve been certified on the production equipment, it’s time to produce your video!
7. Reserve equipment and/or facilities for your show at low D-I-Y rates.
8. Once completed, submit your video with Playback Request & Compliance form to the Program Manager. For series producers, be sure to attend our Time Slot Lottery for a regular airtime.


Classes you will need to take at CreaTV San Jose

Portable Field Camera Kits Beginning Video Production
Studios for a D-I-Y show Producers Workshop
Studio A Studio Crew Basics 
Studio B Studio B Production & Practice
Editing Suites & Portable Editing Kits Beginning Video Production

Do you need Custom Training?

Become Certified!

Once training is complete, and members have demonstrated sufficient skill in operating gear independently, they become “certified” to use production facilities and equipment. Once certified, members can rent equipment, schedule D-I-Y studio time with a certified volunteer crew and/or assist with studio or field productions.