CreaTV Receives the 2024 Arts Marketing Grant

We are thrilled to share that CreaTV has been chosen as a recipient of the 2024 Arts Marketing Grant by the San José Downtown Association.   

This grant will support our arts marketing project, CreaTV Presents that brings together creatives and change makers in our community to showcase their work and create an engaging and safe space for community dialog. 

Supported in part by a Cultural Affairs grant from the City of San José, CreaTV Presents events will highlight underrepresented creatives who represent our city's diversity, raise awareness about community issues, engage with audiences, and exhibit innovative techniques.

By providing local creators with opportunities to showcase their work and engage in discussions about pertinent issues, we aim to inspire more artists and storytellers to explore creative self-expression.  

We are thankful to the City of San José for supporting our arts marketing efforts and are excited to see CreaTV Presents unfold. So, join us as we learn, share, and explore the rich culture of San José. Bring your friends and family to experience how art and creativity can inspire connection and conversation.