Equity Statement

Since our founding, CreaTV’s mission is to inspire, educate and connect San Jose communities, using media to foster civic engagement. This reflects community media’s historic commitment to promoting free expression and access to public media. CreaTV proudly carries forward this commitment as part of our work today.

We are a social justice organization: a statement from the CreaTV Board of Directors




Our mission reflects the evolving role of community media organizations to not only promote free speech, but to use that speech to build more just, equitable, and stronger communities. When we were founded, San Jose leaders recognized that CreaTV could play a role in building a common identity and sense of civic solidarity that as a large, diverse city – one historically segregated by race, class, and sheer geography – was absolutely needed. That’s why the organization was born out of a vigorous, community-driven process, and our Board actively seeks to provide representation that reflects the diversity of our city.


CreaTV is not a political organization but we are values based. Our work is grounded in providing access to all, and we are especially focused on ensuring that our approach to access is equitable. Free and fair expression cannot thrive in a society where discrimination exists in any form, or where the absence of basic economic and human rights systemically deny the benefits of a free society to any of its members.


We are not a neutral organization when it comes to combating racism and other forms of oppression. This is especially important for a city like San Jose, one of the most racially and ethnically diverse communities in the United States. Its challenge – and our challenge – is to forge a vision of how a community such as ours can come together, and build systems that ensure that equity is made to last.


CreaTV exists to unite San Jose. We were founded as a social justice organization and we will always be one.