Imagine a hub where nonprofits, artists, community leaders, and social change-makers can come together to tackle big issues. A space of collaboration and vision powered by creativity and technology – San José’s history and future combined to create an incubator for dialogue, storytelling, and engagement where our community can learn and grow together.

This is Open San José.


This project was envisioned and is being led by CreaTV San José, a trusted community collaborator committed to access, equity, and using technology for good. We leverage our distribution platforms, technology, and expertise to expand access, resource sharing, and community connections. Our financial stability, experienced staff, established community relationships and media tools gave us the edge to quickly move Open San José forward. CreaTV is leading this project, but the culture and activation of the space has been co-curated and co-designed by our partners and community members.


This is not co-working. This is co-building.

Open SJ


CreaTV San José has partnered with a group of founding community partners who each bring a set of competencies, networks, and values that align with Open San José’s vision. Chopsticks Alley Art, Works / SJ, Latina Coalition of Silicon Valley, LEAD Filipino, San José SpotlightNorCal Public Media, and Mosaic America. As partners, we are working together to create a community governance structure, values, and community ecosystem like none other in San José.


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We have ambitious goals for Open San José and intend to make a big impact.


  • Reimagine Community. We are designing a partnership and community engagement model based on equity and justice that not only increases access for under-resourced members of our community, but also puts their voices, stories, and experiences at the forefront of all the work we do. 


  • Equitable Partnerships. We are designing governance, shared values, and infrastructure in concert with partner organizations. 


  • Create a Safe Space. Through intentional value setting, we are creating an environment for change makers where people feel safe being authentically themselves without judgment and with encouragement and support.


  • Sustainable and Replicable. As an innovator in community media, we envision Open San José as a model that can be replicated in other communities. We want to share what we learn.

Open SJ

The Space

Open San José features 18,000 square feet of office space, gallery and public spaces, a large studio, and multiple spaces that are fully equipped with technology and designed to be used for community, corporate, and private events, live and hybrid meetings, podcast and media recording, trainings, and more. Designed with flexibility in mind, the spaces can be customized to meet your unique needs, and all use rates are on a sliding scale. We want you to come and build with us! 


Open Office Space

Whether you need a desk once a week or a space to work from daily, our open office design allows for flexibility.


Meetings and Collaboration

 Our meeting and collaboration spaces are designed with business needs in mind for in-person and virtual meetings.


Corporate and Private Events

Whether you’re planning an in-person or hybrid event, we’ve got you covered. Open San José is equipped with the latest technology, on-site staff to support your tech needs, and a variety of spaces designed to accommodate any size group.


Commitment to Community

Rental rates for this new, tech-equipped space are competitive and pricing is designed on a sliding scale in order to fully support all community members and companies regardless of budget. When you host your event at Open San José you are supporting the local community and business ecosystem, helping offset costs for under-resourced community members and organizations with limited budgets.


Rental Space

Mix-and-match spaces or rent the entire space – it’s all customizable. Let us know what you need and we’ll be happy to design a custom package for you!

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Press Release

CreaTV celebrated the grand opening of Open San José, a new state-of-the-art facility that features hybrid spaces for virtual and physical events, including rehearsals, film screenings, community forums, and educational activities! Learn more




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